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Archive: 2019

Newly Appointed Defense Minister Taro Kono Visits U.S. Facilities in Okinawa
September 30, 2019

Readout of Visit to U.S. facilities in Okinawa by Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya
September 5, 2019

Readout of Visit to Yokota Air Base by Representatives Suematsu and Ohkawara
August 28, 2019

U.S. Forces Japan, GOJ Enhance Accident Guidelines
July 25, 2019

USFJ hosts Japanese Defense Minister Iwaya
June 19, 2019

U.S. Forces Japan, Ministry of Defense Hold Second Aviation Subject Matter Expert Exchange
February 28, 2019

Lt. Gen. Schneider takes command of U.S. military in Japan
February 5, 2019