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USFJ hosts Japanese Defense Minister Iwaya

19-003 | June 19, 2019

YOKOTA AIR BASE, Japan – Japan Minister of Defense, Takeshi Iwaya, visited the headquarters of U.S. Forces Japan today and met with the USFJ commander, Lt. Gen Kevin B. Schneider. The two leaders reaffirmed the strength of the U.S. – Japan Alliance and the importance of U.S. and Japanese forces working together closely in pursuit of a Free and Open Indo-Pacific.

Defense Minister Iwaya and General Schneider discussed ways to further enhance bilateral cooperation between the United States and Japan in the face of complex regional security challenges.

“I believe that Yokota Air Base is well and truly a symbol of our ironclad Alliance, hosting some of our key commands like Air Defense Command, USFJ and 5th Air Force,” said Defense Minister Iwaya. “I’d like to extend my heartfelt respect for your work as you have been dedicating yourself not only to the peace and stability in this country, but also the region on behalf of U.S. forces.”

“I am convinced that the Alliance between our two nations has never been stronger,” said Schneider. The USFJ commander emphasized that the United States and Japan are strategically aligned, “which provides great benefits to stability, security and strength, not only for our two nations, but the entire region,”

In their discussions, General Schneider highlighted his commitment to ensuring the readiness of U.S. forces stationed in Japan through conducting rigorous and realistic training and exercises.

“There are also a greater number of challenges that we both must contend with, which puts greater emphasis on training and readiness and the ability to respond to whatever situations may arise,” said Schneider.

The Defense Minister also visited the headquarters of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s Air Defense Command and later had lunch with a group of senior leaders from Air Defense Command and USFJ.

This was his first visit to USFJ Headquarters since assuming his position in October 2018.

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在日米軍司令部 報道資料                                                            2019年6月19日


横田空軍基地 – 本日、岩屋毅防衛大臣は在日米軍司令官 ケビン B.シュナイダー中将を訪問しました。2人のリーダーは、自由で開かれたインド太平洋を追求するために、緊密に協力する日米同盟の強化及び米軍と自衛隊の重要性を再確認しました。









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