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Keen Sword 2015 The U.S.-Japan biennial joint-bilateral field training exercise

2014008 | Oct. 21, 2014

Yokota AB, Tokyo Japan – Units from Japan Self Defense Forces (JSDF) and U.S. military forces will conduct a bilateral field training exercise called Keen Sword 15 beginning Nov. 8, 2014.

The exercise, which will run until Nov. 19, is the latest in a series of joint/bilateral field training exercises since 1986 involving U.S. military and JSDF personnel designed to increase combat readiness and interoperability of U.S. forces and the JSDF.

Approximately 10,000 U.S. personnel will participate in Keen Sword 15, including those assigned to U.S. Forces Japan Headquarters, 5th Air Force, U.S. Naval Forces Japan, U.S. Army Japan and III Marine Expeditionary Force. The forces will conduct training with their Japan Self Defense Force counterparts at military installations throughout mainland Japan, Okinawa and in the waters surrounding Japan.

The exercise will be directed by the commander of U.S. Forces Japan, and the Chief of Staff of the Japan Joint Staff.

Prior to exercise commencement, questions regarding U.S. training and personnel should be referred to U.S. Forces Japan Public Affairs at (04)2551-5924. Questions regarding JSDF training and personnel should be referred to the Japanese Joint Staff Office Public Affairs at (03) 5366-3111, ext 30056. RELEASE # 2014008

The DVIDS Keen Sword page in the contact info. http://www.dvidshub.net/feature/KeenSword <http://www.dvidshub.net/feature/KeenSword>


報道発表資料番号 2014008



横田基地、東京― 平成25年度日米共同統合演習キーンソード15(実動演習)が自衛隊と米軍参加により11月8日から開催されます。




演習開始に先立ち、米軍側演習と参加者に関しての問い合わせは在日米軍司令部広報部 (042)551-5924または同報道連絡事務所 (03)3440-6010へ、自衛隊側演習と参加者に関しての問い合わせは統合幕僚監部統幕報道官室(03) 5366-3111, 内線30056までご連絡ください。


The DVIDS Keen Sword page in the contact info. http://www.dvidshub.net/feature/KeenSword <http://www.dvidshub.net/feature/KeenSword>