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U.S. Forces Japan “Day of Reflection” Announced

UNRELEASED | Feb. 19, 2008

In response to recent allegations of unacceptable behavior by US service members,

Lieutenant Gen. Bruce A. Wright, Commander of U.S. Forces Japan has engaged with the US

Ambassador to Japan, Japanese government leaders, and US military service component

commanders to act in swift response to recent events. In addition to forming the “Sexual Assault

Prevention and Response Task Force” and through continuous and aggressive discussion and

deliberation, USFJ has generated recommendations and reached a mutual agreement that all USFJ

components will take additional actions to further reinforce and encourage the already high

standards of professionalism among US Forces serving in Japan.

On Friday, Feb. 22, all US military installations and units in Japan will participate in a unit

commander led “Day of Reflection” emphasizing professionalism and core military values.

US Forces in Japan consider all incidents involving service member misconduct very

seriously. Our personnel are continuously briefed on proper conduct while on liberty and are

expected to maintain the highest personal and professional standards at all times. As responsible

members of the Japanese community, we will continue to do everything possible to prevent


The overwhelming majority of our service members are behaving responsibly and are

serving as outstanding ambassadors in Japan. Every service member is expected to take personal

responsibility for his or her off-duty conduct and we will continue to be unwavering in our

commitment to maintain exemplary, high standards of professionalism.