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U.S. Forces Japan focuses on “Day of Reflection”

UNRELEASED | Feb. 21, 2008

All US military installations and units in Japan will participate in a unit commander led

“Day of Reflection” emphasizing professionalism and core military values. The “Day of Reflection

is in response to recent allegations of unacceptable behavior by U.S. service members.

The purpose of the “Day of Reflection,” in over twenty-three locations on Okinawa and

Mainland Japan is to allow leaders special time to emphasize professionalism; core military values;

and personal behavior and conduct.

Personnel will discuss subjects such as professional conduct; ethics; sexual assault and

harassment; unwavering professionalism; responsible drinking; and their roles as ambassadors of

the United States in Japan.

“As responsible members of the Japanese community, and consistent with the values of our

military, we will continue to do everything possible to prevent incidents,” said Lt. Gen. Bruce A.

Wright, commander, USFJ and Fifth Air Force. “Every service member is expected to take personal

responsibility for his or her off-duty conduct and we will continue to be unwavering in our

commitment to maintain exemplary, high standards of professionalism.”