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Artillery Training in Yausubetsu

UNRELEASED | Nov. 12, 2008

MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP S.D. BUTLER, Okinawa, Japan – In accordance with the

Special Action Committee on Okinawa (SACO) final report and agreements between the United

States Government (USG) and Government of Japan (GOJ), 3d Battalion, 12th Marines, will

conduct artillery relocation training (ART) in the Yausubetsu training area from mid November to

early December, 2008.

This is routine, regularly-scheduled artillery training that takes place several times per year

in Japan in accordance with the SACO final report and USG-GOJ agreements. The purpose of the

exercise in Yausubetsu is to maintain operational readiness. Yausubetsu is one of the sites where our

artillery Marines are able to train to the high standards needed in order to respond effectively to any

Asia-Pacific contingency where artillery would be needed.

In agreement with the GOJ, firing is scheduled from Nov 20 - Dec 3 with the goal of

achieving 10 firing days. The window of firing is established to work with internal restrictions,

inclement weather and maintenance days, which can prohibit units from achieving their training

objectives. In support of the U.S.-Japan treaty of mutual cooperation and security, 3d Bn, 12th

Marines will also conduct crew served weapon (CSW) and small arms training, essential for

artillerymen and 12th marines’ ability to maintain operational readiness. CSW and small arms

training is also authorized by the SACO final report.

While in Yausubetsu, 3d Bn, 12th Marines also plans to conduct a community relations

project to assist the local community. Additional information regarding this project will be available

as details solidify. This unit has an established precedent of contributing and giving back to the

community that has hosted our training for over 10 years. Community relations projects improve

understanding and strengthen the friendship between Americans and Japanese hosts.

The unit is expected to return to Okinawa in early December. This year’s exercise at

Yausubetsu is similar to previous years in terms of number of Marines involved, types of weapons

being used, and duration. We look forward to a safe and successful training evolution; we appreciate

the understanding and cooperation of our Japanese hosts and the opportunity to train in support of

the U.S. / Japan alliance.

Information regarding the exercise to include releases and photographs can be found at

http://www.okinawa.usmc.mil/yausu . This site will continue to be updated throughout the

exercise. Questions concerning the exercise can be directed via e-mail to okinawapao@usmc.mil.



に基づき、第12 海兵連隊第三海兵大隊は、平成20 11 14 日から12 月7日まで、矢臼







日本政府との合意の下、11 20 日から12 3 日までの10 日間の射撃日程を予定



日米安全保障条約を支持し、第12 海兵連隊第三海兵大隊は、砲兵及び隊員らの作



12 海兵連隊第三海兵大隊は矢臼別に滞在する間、地域社会に貢献しようと、地


までも過去10 年以上の間、訓練を受け入れて下さる地元の方々に対し、第12 海兵連隊第



部隊は12 月初旬に沖縄へ戻る予定である。今年の矢臼別での演習は、参加人数、





http://www.okinawa.usmc.mil/yausu にて提供される。このサイトは演習終了まで継続的に更

新される。また演習に関するご質問等はメール:okinawapao@usmc.mil にご送信ください。