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Joint Press Release by General Ryoichi Oriki, Chief of Staff, Joint Staff, and Lt. Gen. Edward A. Rice, Jr., Commander, U.S. Forces, Japan on the Conclusion of Keen Edge 10

UNRELEASED | Jan. 29, 2010

The Japan Self Defense Forces and United States Forces Japan, with the assistance of relevant agencies, conducted the US-Japan Bilateral Exercise (Command Post Exercise) Keen Edge 2010 from the 19th-29th of this month.


The major commands of both the United States and Japan participated to verify and exercise bilateral US-Japan actions for the defense of Japan, as well as Japan Self Defense Forces actions and US-Japan cooperation in reaction to situations in areas surrounding Japan, with the aim of maintaining and improving our bilateral joint operations capability; the exercise was completed, having achieved the aforementioned goals.


The improvement of close cooperation between the U.S. Forces and the Self Defense Forces through this training has contributed to the maintenance and strengthening of trust, and to the deterrent effect of the US-Japan Security posture.


This year is an important year for the alliance in that it marks the 50th anniversary of the conclusion of the US-Japan Mutual Cooperation and Security Treaty.  U.S. forces and Japan Self Defense Forces intend to continue their diligent efforts toward the enhancement of the US-Japan bilateral exercises in order to preserve our solid bond, and to improve the effectiveness of the US-Japan bilateral exercises in the defense of Japan as well as the peace and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region.