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Japan-based aircraft to conduct training from Guam

UNRELEASED | Oct. 10, 2011

YOKOTA, Air Base Japan – Aircraft and personnel assigned to Marine Aircraft Group 12, Marine Corps Air Station, Iwakuni, Japan will begin conducting training flights from Andersen AB, Guam October 10 as part of a U.S.-Japan bilateral effort under the Aviation Training Relocation (ATR) program under the Defense Policy Review Initiative.

There will be 20 F/A-18 Hornets involved in the training and approximately 400 supporting personnel.

The ATR program was established to increase the operational readiness of U.S. and Japanese forces, establish better bilateral interoperability while reduce the training impacts on local communities in Japan by dispersing training to a variety of different locations. On September 30, the U.S. and Japanese governments concluded an agreement which expanded the scope and location of this program, which now includes U.S. territories such as Guam. Since implementing the program in 2007, there have been 25 ATR events with more than 750 flights (as of July 2011).

Until the conclusion of the recent expansion agreement, there have been two types of ATR events: Type I which consists of 1-5 aircraft and last 1-7 days, and Type II which consists of 6-12 aircraft and lasts 8-14 days. The expansion of this program establishes Type III ATR events consisting of 20 fighter aircraft, and associated support aircraft, and provides 15-20 training days. The first ATR event under this new agreement will be a Type III event and will occur from 10 through October 31.

This event is a significant step towards fulfilling goals established in the May 28, 2010 Joint Statement of the Japan – U.S. Security Consultative Committee, and is a result of dedicated bilateral planning and cooperation to strengthen the U.S.-Japan Alliance. ATR to Guam provides U.S. forces training opportunities that maximize our resources and training efficiencies.

The U.S. and Government of Japan share program costs 25/75 percent respectively.

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横田基地 -米海兵隊岩国航空基地所属第12海兵航空群の航空機と人員は1010日より、日米両国の協力で防衛政策見直しに基づく航空機訓練移転計画(ATR)の一環としてグアムのアンダーセン空軍基地にて飛行訓練を始めます。



計画の拡充に対する最近の同意に達するまでには2種類の航空機訓練移転がありました。タイプ Iは航空機1-5機程度による1-7日間の訓練であり、タイプ IIは航空機6-12機程度による8-14日間に及ぶ訓練です。そして計画の拡張によりタイプ IIIの航空機訓練移転を確立します。タイプ IIIは戦闘機20機と関連する支援航空機とで15-20日間の訓練期間を設けます。最初の航空機訓練移転は新しい同意に基づいたタイプ IIIとして1010日から31日まで行われます。

この訓練は2010528日に 日米安全保障協議委員会の共同声明にて確立された目標を達成するための重要なステップです。そして日米同盟強化のための二国間計画と協力による結果の成果です。グアムで執り行う航空機訓練移転は米軍に能力ならびに訓練の効果を最大限に高めるための機会を提供します

米国政府と日本政府はそれぞれに25/75 %ずつの訓練費用を負担します。