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Keen Sword 2013 The U.S.-Japan biennial joint-bilateral field training exercise

UNRELEASED | Oct. 30, 2012

YOKOTA AIR BASE, Japan Keen Sword 2013, the U.S.-Japan biennial joint-bilateral field training exercise involving Japan Self Defense Forces and United States military forces, will be conducted Nov. 5 - 16.

Keen Sword is a regularly scheduled exercise that enables the United States and Japan to practice coordination procedures and improve interoperability required to effectively defend Japan or respond to a crisis in the Asia-Pacific region. It builds bilateral confidence and strengthens working relationships between the two militaries.

Keen Sword 2013 involves joint U.S. Forces and Japanese Self Defense Forces from all components of both militaries participating in locations throughout Japan. The commander of U.S. Forces, Japan, Lt. Gen. Salvatore Angelella, USAF, and General Shigeru Iwasaki, Chief of Staff, Japan Joint Staff will direct the exercise. The biennial Keen Edge/Keen Sword exercise series alternates yearly between Keen Sword, a field training exercise, and Keen Edge, a command post exercise.

Prior to exercise commencement, questions regarding U.S. training and personnel should be referred to U.S. Forces, Japan Public Affairs at (04)2551-5924 and Media Liaison Office at (03)3440-6010. Questions regarding JSDF training and personnel should be referred to the Japanese Joint Staff Office Public Affairs at (03) 5366-3111, ext 30052.



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今回のキーンソード2013は米軍と自衛隊の両国各軍が日本各地から参加する演習です。在日米軍司令官サルバトーレ・アンジェレラ空軍中将と統合幕僚長、航空自衛隊 岩崎茂空将が演習を統裁致します。隔年で行われる演習キーンソードとキーンエッジはシリーズでありキーンソード実動演習とキーンエッジ指揮所演習は交互に執り行われます。

演習開始に先立ち、米軍側演習と参加者に関しての質問は在日米軍司令部広報部(042)551-5924または同報道連絡事務所(03)3440-6010へ、自衛隊側演習と参加者に関しての質問は統合幕僚監部統幕報道官室(03) 5366-3111, 内線30052までご連絡ください。