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Japan,U.S. discuss MV-22 Osprey at the Joint Committee meeting today

UNRELEASED | Aug. 15, 2012

A meeting of the Joint Committee was conducted on Aug. 15 at the New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo, Japan, to continue the discussions between the U.S. Government and the Government of Japan about the safety of MV-22 Osprey flight operations. The governments also discussed low level flight training referred to in the Environmental Review.

The U.S. Government reaffirmed that while ground checks are being conducted on the 12 Osprey aircraft at MCAS Iwakuni, none will conduct flight operations until the safety of the aircraft’s flight operations is reconfirmed and the Government of Japan has been presented the results of the investigations of the incidents in Morocco and Florida.

The U.S. Government stressed its deep commitment to the safety of the Japanese people and its military personnel. As such, the U.S. Government is committed to working closely with the Government of Japan to share information on the aircraft and to address concerns. The Government of Japan acknowledged the close coordination and its desires to review the investigation reports.

Both governments confirmed discussions will continue at the director and expert levels and in future meetings of the Joint Committee.

The Joint Committee was held at New Sanno U.S. Forces Center on 15 Aug. MOFA participants were Mr. Akiba, Deputy Director-General of North American Affairs Bureau and so on. Mr. Toyota, Deputy Director-General of Bureau of Local Cooperation, Ms. Kimura, Counselor of Minister’s Secretariat, Mr. Tanii, Director of Local Cooperation Planning Division, and Mr. Akase, Director of Okinawa Coordination Division and Colonel Otsuka, Deputy Director of Defense and International Planning (J5) of the Joint Staff attended in the meeting from the MOD. From the USG, US Embassy Tokyo Political Minister-Counselor co-chaired the meeting as Acting U.S. Representative and relevant U.S. Forces personnel participated. Release # 181021