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Result of Japan-U.S. Bilateral Joint Exercise (command post exercise) 2012

UNRELEASED | Jan. 27, 2012

Japan Self Defense Force (JSDF) and Headquarters, U.S. Forces, Japan (USFJ) completed 2012 Japan – U.S. Bilateral Joint Exercise (command post exercise) Keen Edge 2012 with active participation of related organizations, such as the Chief Cabinet Secretary and Ministry of Foreign Affairs concluded on January 27.

This exercise was planned to verify and practice cooperation between the United States and Japan in various types of situations in terms of national defense. It was also conducted to improve the capability of bilateral operations. This exercise was conducted in the major military headquarters for both countries and concluded with accomplishment of the expected goals.

Strengthening the close coordination between JSDF and USFJ contributes to improving the U.S.-Japan Security Alliance which is playing an indispensable role for security, prosperity, peace and stability of the region.

During the Great East Japan Earthquake last year, the bilateral cooperation between JSDF with the posture of 100,000 members and U.S. military’s ‘Operation Tomodachi’ demonstrated the alliance’s strength through rescuing lives, quick restoration, and other activities. The cooperation also contributed to deepen the U.S.-Japan Security Alliance.

JSDF and U.S. military were enriched by the bilateral joint exercise. This Japan-U.S. Bilateral Joint Exercise continues to maintain the strong bilateral relationship and strive to improve the effectiveness of the posture of U.S.-Japan cooperation, defense of Japan, and peace and stability in the Asia Pacific region.

GEN Ryoichi Oriki, JGSDF Lt Gen Burton M. Field, USAF

Chief of Staff, Joint Staff Office Commander, HQ USFJ RELEASE # 181015




自衛隊と在日米軍は、内閣官房、外務省等の関係機関の積極的な参加を得て、平成23年度日米共同統合演習(指揮所演習)/Keen Edge2012の主要な部分を本日終了しました。





統合幕僚長 在日米軍司令官

陸 将 折 木 良 一 空軍中将 バートン・M・フィールド