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USFJ releases statement on pilot recovery

UNRELEASED | May 29, 2013

YOKOTA AIR BASE, Japan – Lt. Gen. Sam Angelella, commander, U.S. Forces, Japan, released the following statement on yesterday’s recovery of the F-15 pilot from Kadena Air Base:

"The men and women of U.S. Forces, Japan, are extremely grateful for the successful and safe recovery of our pilot by the Koku Jieitai (Air Self Defense Force). We are especially pleased with the incredible support and cooperation from the Government of Japan, the Jieitai (Self Defense Forces), and the Japan Coast Guard for a very smooth operation in locating the pilot and coordinating his successful recovery. This exemplifies the bonds and professionalism of our Alliance."

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報道発表資料2013002番 2013年5月29日

在日米軍司令部報道発表 パイロット救出について

横田基地―在日米軍司令官サミュエル アンジェレラ米空軍中将は昨日の嘉手納基地所属F-15パイロット救出に関して下記発表を致します。