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First Round of Environment Stewardship Consultations Begins

15-001 | March 12, 2014

On Feb. 11, the first round of consultations toward producing a framework further addressing environmental stewardship, including an agreement to supplement the Japan-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) on environmental stewardship, was held in Washington.

The meeting was launched from the Japanese side by Mr. Kimitake Nakamura, Director of the Japan-U.S. SOFA Division from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other officials from relevant authorities, and from the U.S. side by Dr. Amy Searight, Principal Director for East Asia from the Department of Defense and other relevant officials.

Based on the “Joint Announcement on a Framework Regarding Environmental Stewardship at U.S. Armed Forces Facilities and Areas in Japan” announced on Dec. 25, 2013, both sides discussed the way forward and areas of cooperation to be tabled in the forthcoming rounds of consultations.

The next round of consultations is scheduled to take place in Tokyo. The details for those consultation are to be decided.

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第一回 日米地位協定の環境補足協定交渉