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U.S. Forces Japan Join JSDF Earthquake Relief Efforts

24-001 | Jan. 16, 2024


United States Forces Japan is supporting Japan Self Defense Forces during their ongoing relief efforts for those affected by the January 1, 2024, earthquake on the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. Following a formal request for support, two U.S. Forces Japan assigned UH-60 aircraft from U.S. Army Aviation Battalion Japan are assisting JSDF delivery of material to those affected by the earthquake.

The transportation of supplies by U.S. Forces Japan to the affected area allows JSDF aircraft to increase efforts to transport secondary evacuees by rotary wing away from the affected areas.

During this operation, U.S. aircraft will station out of JASDF Komatsu Air Base.

“This operation is a clear demonstration of U.S. commitment to our Ally Japan, and America’s compassion to the people of Japan recovering from this natural disaster,” said Lt. Gen. Ricky Rupp, Commander, U.S. Forces Japan. “This cooperative effort draws on the strength of the U.S-Japan Alliance and reinforces the bonds of friendship between U.S and JSDF professionals. We are eager and proud to assist in the recovery efforts.”

Planning for this mission involved a combined effort of USFJ and JSDF operations and logistics experts to thoroughly assess the need and carefully plan the routes and assets involved. “This mission was enabled through our persistent bilateral training and operations across Japan, and it clearly demonstrates the collective resolve of the Alliance,” said Lt Col Ryan Busbey, USFJ Deputy Director of Operations.

Operational support missions will continue as future needs are assessed by JSDF planning teams.





在日米軍司令官リッキー・ラップ中将は、「この作戦は、同盟国である日本に対する米国のコミットメントと、この自然災害から復興する日本の人々に対する米国の思いを明確に示したものである」と述べました。 「この協力的な取り組みは、日米同盟の強みを生かしたものであり、米国と自衛隊のプロフェッショナルたちの友情の絆を強化するものです。 私たちは復興の取り組みを支援できることを誇りに思い、熱意を持って取り組んでいます。」

この任務の計画には、在日米軍と自衛隊の作戦および兵站の専門家が協力して必要性を徹底的に評価し、関連するルートと資産を慎重に計画する必要がありました。 在日米軍司令部運用部のライアン・バズビー中佐は、「この任務は、日本全土での継続的な二国間訓練と作戦によって実現したものであり、同盟の団結した決意を明確に示している」と述べました。