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Statement on Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF) Replacement at US Installations

23-008 | June 15, 2023

Yokota Air Base, Japan —

The US Government (USG) has completed the replacement and disposal of all legacy AFFF at US Navy and US Marine Corps installations in Japan, US Army installations in Honshu Mainland Japan, and Misawa Air Base. The USG replaced legacy AFFF with the new modern formulation AFFF, which does not contain PFOS and PFOA as a raw material. The USG completed disposal of the removed legacy AFFF through incineration at licensed disposal facilities in Japan. The USG understands the Japan Self-Defense Forces are also replacing AFFF at its facilities co-located with US Forces Japan, including Atsugi, Iwakuni, and Misawa Air Bases, with products confirmed by the manufacturers not to contain PFOS and PFOA as a raw material. 

The USG will initiate a contract in US Fiscal Year 2023 to dispose of the legacy AFFF at its Army POL Depots in Okinawa (Chimuwan Tank Farms, Kuwae Tank Farms, White Beach Tank Farm). The USG expects the disposal to be complete in US Fiscal Year 2024. The USG will demolish the AFFF systems at the Army POL Depots in Okinawa and replace them with water suppression systems that don’t use firefighting foam. The USG has deactivated the existing AFFF fire systems and they are therefore inoperative. 

The USG prohibits the use of AFFF at all its installations, including both legacy and modern formulations, on 1 October 2024 in accordance with the National Defense Authorization Act. Fluorine-free foam (F3), which does not contain any PFAS compounds, is currently undergoing testing in the United States. US installations will either change to the new F3 or shift to water suppression systems. 

The USG will continue to work on the replacement and disposal of AFFF at its installations. 

(Japanese language version below.)




米国政府は、米国国防授権法に基づき、2024年10月1日付で、旧式及び新式組成の水成膜泡消火剤薬剤の使用を、全ての米軍施設で禁止します。現在、米国において、有機フッ素物化合物 (PFAS)を含まない非フッ素泡消火薬剤(F3)の、試験を行っています。米軍施設は、新しいF3に変更、または水消火設備に移行する予定です。 



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