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Japan and U.S. Conduct Bilateral Exercise

23-001 | Feb. 19, 2023


To showcase combined capabilities to deter and counter regional threats, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command B-1 bomber and F-16 fighter aircraft conducted a bilateral exercise with Japan Air Self-Defense Force F-15 fighter aircraft February 19, 2023, over the Sea of Japan. This exercise was conducted to demonstrate our nations’ rapid reaction capabilities, high levels of force readiness, close coordination, bilateral interoperability, and credible deterrent capacity.

U.S. Indo-Pacific Command maintains a resilient and rapid response bomber and fighter capability in the Indo-Pacific theater, retaining the ability to quickly respond to any regional threat in support of our allies and in order to defend the U.S. homeland.

The United States and Japan remain committed to jointly working to ensure peace and security throughout the Indo-Pacific region.