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U.S. Forces Japan Increases to Health Protection Bravo

22-001 | Jan. 5, 2022


Due to the recent increase in COVID-19 cases at US installations and throughout Japan, Commander, United States Forces Japan has made the decision to raise the Health Protection Condition level from Alpha to Bravo for all U.S. military installations Japan-wide, establishing more stringent mitigation measures in a further effort to prevent virus transmission.

横田基地、日本 ― 在日米軍施設と日本全国における最近の新型コロナ感染者数の増加に伴い、今後の感染予防の更なる努力において、より強力な感染拡大予防措置を確立する為に、在日米軍司令官は日本全国の全在日米軍施設における健康保態勢レベルをアルファーからブラボーへと引き上げました。

A declaration of HPCON Bravo requires an increase of mitigation efforts. These steps have included mandating mask wear in any public area and on-base facility while in restriction of movement (ROM) until in receipt of a negative COVID test; requiring a COVID test upon arrival to Japan via Mil-Air and Patriot Express; and reinforcing that all personnel continue to be required to wear masks regardless of vaccination status while off base. Additionally, each installation may implement further mitigation efforts based on its own COVID-19 conditions.


COVID-19 and its effects on readiness are a continual cause for concern for commanders as their personnel continue to operate in a region with a severe security environment. Given this concern, the Commander, USFJ, has taken several steps over the past month to minimize the influx of COVID-19 into our forces and local communities.  USFJ now requires no less than three negative COVID-19 tests upon traveling to Japan including testing prior to departure for Japan, immediately upon arrival, and again while in ROM status on installation.


USFJ will continue to monitor and adjust COVID-19 mitigation measures in cooperation with GOJ counterparts. Where COVID-19 clusters are discovered, the US has acted promptly to mitigate risk to the SOFA population and surrounding community, including holding violators accountable under a wide array of administrative remedies uniquely available to military commanders.


The mitigation measures we have instituted throughout USFJ are intended to protect our force’s readiness, the well-being of our families, and the health of Japan’s citizens. We recognize we all have a part to play in keeping our communities safe.


Should you have any questions please contact us. 
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