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Joint Press Release: Response to the issue on wastewater containing PFOS/PFOA at Marine Corps Air Station Futenma

21-003 | Sept. 17, 2021


The Government of Japan (GOJ) and the U. S. Government (USG) have been in discussion on the issue concerning the wastewater containing PFOS/PFOA at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Futenma, including the method of its disposal. Both Governments have reached an agreement on the measures to be taken in the immediate future.

-In order to prevent the overflow of wastewater containing PFOS/PFOA from underground hangar storage tanks, Ministry of Defense (MOD) will collect and dispose of the remaining untreated wastewater at MCAS Futenma as an interim emergency measure in anticipation of typhoon season.

-The GOJ and the USG will discuss a specific plan to repair the hangars to prevent further inflow of rainwater into the underground storage tanks.

The GOJ will continue to work closely with the USG to ensure that the appropriate measures, in accordance with relevant agreements and authorities, are taken concerning wastewater.