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MCAS Iwakuni Statement: Family Failed to Abide by COVID-19 Policy

20-014 | Aug. 28, 2020

Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan —

Today, August 28, MCAS Iwakuni has debarred a family of four who failed to abide by the Japanese Quarantine Act, COVID-19 quarantine procedures and USFJ and MCAS Iwakuni orders. This debarment follows a misconduct hearing that took place on August 7.

On July 12, the family arrived at Haneda Airport in Tokyo on a commercial flight from the United States and was tested for COVID-19, in accordance with Japanese policy and requirements. Following the test, they were authorized to make their way to their quarantine location, contingent upon GOJ pandemic mitigation policies and specifically upon avoiding public transportation for 14 days.

On July 13, the family boarded a domestic commercial flight bound for Kintaikyo Airport in Iwakuni before conducting quarantine for 14 days.  Their decision to use public transportation violated Japanese COVID-19 quarantine regulations and law, as well as USFJ and MCAS Iwakuni orders. 

Upon arrival at MCAS Iwakuni, the family delayed entering USFJ-mandated restriction of movement, or ROM.  Once in ROM status, the family did not come into close contact with anyone aboard the air station. After entering ROM, the family and the air station were notified by Japanese quarantine officials that three of them had tested positive for COVID-19.

The family remained isolated in their on-base home for 24 days before being medically cleared on August 6. Contact tracing on-base identified zero close contacts, and contact tracing off-base identified six close contacts, all of whom tested negative for COVID-19. While deeply regrettable, this incident caused no additional cases of COVID-19 within Japan.

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