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U.S. Forces Japan declares Japan-wide public health emergency

20-005 | April 15, 2020

Yokota Air Base, Tokyo —

Yokota Air Base, Tokyo – The commander of U.S. Forces Japan declared a public health emergency for all of Japan, Apr. 15, 2020. This order expanded the previous declaration, which included only the Kanto Plain region.

The declaration ensures commanders possess the necessary authorities to enforce compliance with health protection measures. It is applicable to anyone with access to U.S. installations or facilities and includes military, civilians, contractors, and host-nation employees.

The PHE will remain in effect through May 15, unless it is renewed or terminated sooner by the USFJ commander.

USFJ will continually assess necessary preventative measures and continues to encourage strict hygiene and social distancing to reduce the risk of transmission.


在日米軍司令部報道発表 日本全国の米軍基地・施設を対象とした公衆衛生非常事態宣言              









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