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U.S. Forces Japan Implements Novel Coronavirus Quarantine

20-001 | Feb. 4, 2020


Following the U.S. Health and Human Services’
announcement of a U.S. public health emergency related to the novel coronavirus outbreak, U.S.
Forces Japan has instituted a 14-day quarantine for people under its jurisdiction returning from
the People’s Republic of China to Japan, effective immediately.

In the interest of public health, the directed quarantine applies to anyone who is covered by the
U.S.-Japan Status of Forces Agreement. Anyone under quarantine who shows symptoms and/or
is confirmed to have contracted the novel coronavirus will immediately be put under evaluation
by USFJ medical professionals.

The 14-day quarantine, which equals the incubation period for novel coronavirus, begins from
the date an individual departs the PRC, regardless of whether or not they display symptoms.

The USFJ policy regarding quarantine for recent returnees is consistent with measures
implemented by the Government of Japan on anyone entering the country from the affected area.
USFJ continues to stress that the overall risk remains low, but that the measures implemented are
out of an abundance of caution to mitigate risk to the USFJ population.


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