U.S. Forces, Japan


Commander, US Forces Japan receives prestigious award

Japanese Defense Minister Gen Nakatani presented LtGen Sam Angelella with the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun award, May 18 in Tokyo. The Order of the Rising Sun, established in 1875, was Japan's first award. It features rays of sunlight radiating from the rising sun. The attachment is shaped into a chrysanthemum. The Order of the Rising Sun is bestowed upon individuals of merit, in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the promotion of exchange between Japan and other countries. He received this honor for his meritorious contribution to promoting cooperation and understanding between the US military and Japan Self Defense Forces. The conferment of this prestigious award highlights his tremendous contribution to the US-Japan Alliance. Japanese Government Orders are awarded twice a year, and foreign recipients are selected from those who have made outstanding contributions to building good relationships with Japan. (Photo courtesy of Japan Joint Staff)