Number Title
USFJ1 Certificate for Exemption of Taxes on Transfer of Properties Held by Contractor
USFJ2 Report of Courts-Martial Dispositions of Offenses Punishable by the Laws of Japan
USFJ3EJ Position of Trust Agreement for Child Care Services Position 
USFJ9 MLC Invoice
USFJ10 Medical Service and Supply Request
USFJ11EJ Personnel Action Request/Official Notification of IHA Personnel Action (PA)
USFJ12 Request for Payment of Cash Award
USFJ13EJ MLC Notice of Proposed Termination
USFJ14 Employees Scheduled for Medical Examinations
USFJ16 Payroll for Japanese Mariners
USFJ17 MLC/IHA First Step Grievance
USFJ21 Annual Requirement of Protective Clothing and Uniforms
USFJ22EJ Host Nation Funded Project Documentation
USFJ23EJ Leave Application
USFJ24EJ Request for Resignation
USFJ26EJ Application for Permit to Exceed Capacity, Truck Bed Loading Limitations and/or for Transporting Personnel on Truck Bed
USFJ31EJ Request for Personnel (IHA)
USFJ32EJ Request for/Certificate of Medical Examination
USFJ34 MLC Personnel Time and Attendance Record
USFJ45 Statement and Admission of Pecuniary Liability
USFJ50 USFJ Spill Report 
USFJ52 Technical Working Group-Issue Referral
USFJ76 Annual Leave Record for MLC Personnel
USFJ196aEJ Personal History Statement (Part A – General Information)
USFJ196bEJ Personal History Statement (Part B – Personal Security Information)
USFJ328EJ MLC Third Step Grievance
USFJ329 MLC Report of Alleged Offense
USFJ330EJ MLC Charge of Offense
USFJ331EJ MLC Notice of Remedial Action
USFJ332EJ MLC Request for Grievance Review
USFJ333EJ MLC Second Step Grievance
USFJ334a Bill of Lading (Continuation Sheet)
USFJ334bEJ Bill of Lading Correction Notice
USFJ334EJ Bill of Lading
Transportation Request for Passenger
USFJ335a Transportation Request for Passenger (Continuation Sheet)
USFJ356EJ Japanese Personnel Travel Authorization
USFJ356aEJ Japanese Personnel Travel Authorization (Continuation Sheet)
USFJ376EJ Certificate in Lieu of Lost Bill of Lading
USFJ380EJ Customs Free Import or Export of Cargo or Customs Declaration of Personal Property
USFJ381EJ Customs Free Cargo Imported or Exported on Behalf of United States Forces
USFJ382EJ Identification of United States Forces Vessel or Aircraft
USFJ383EJ Vessel Entrance Notice or Entrance Report to Japanese Customs Service
USFJ384EJ Vessel Clearance Notice or Clearance Report to Japanese Customs Service
USFJ385EJ Aircraft General Declaration Outward or Inward to Japanese Customs Service
USFJ389EJ Receipt for Detained Person (PA)
USFJ390 Request for Subpoena of Civilian Witness
USFJ391EJ Bilingual Request for Subpoena of Civilian Witness
USFJ398EJ Declaration for Quarantine Clearance of United States Forces Aircraft Landing at United States Controlled Japanese Airports
USFJ400EJ Request for Movement of Overweight/Oversize United States Forces Japan Vehicle
USFJ425EJ Return of Real Property in Japan
USFJ430EJ Privately Owned Firearms Registration
and Cancellation
Number Title
 USFJ29EJ USFJ Transportation Movement Release/Request Cost Estimate
USFJ431EJ Motor Vehicle Inspection (Transporting Hazardous Materials)
USFJ432EJ Shipping Paper and Emergency Response Information (Transporting Hazardous Materials
 USFJ444EJ Mission-Essential Position Designation for Local National Employees
 USFJ445EJ Request for Separation at Age 55 or Over
USFJ5EJ Consumption Tax Exemption Form (Subcontractor or Supplier to the Article XIV Contractor)
USFJ6EJ Consumption Tax Exemption Form (Subcontractor or Supplier to a US Prime Contractor)
USFJ27 Contractor Employee Acknowledgement Form
USFJ8EJ Confirmation of Eligibility Under Status of Forces Agreement (Dependent)
USFJ7EJ Confirmation of Eligibility Under Status of Forces Agreement (Art 1(b) and Art XIV)