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Your Input Matters

The Overseas Housing Allowance is a valuable entitlement for members who are stationed overseas.   You play a critical part as the data you provide will directly impact the Utility/Recurring Maintenance and Move-In Housing Allowances paid to members. The time and effort spent by you or your spouse in answering the survey questions will enable the Department of Defense to set equitable OHA rates. We ask that you make every effort to take the survey and report your expenses accurately.  If you receive overseas housing allowance, have been in country at least 3 months, and reside in privately leased quarters as a lessee, please have either yourself or your spouse take a few minutes, go to the following link, and provide this vital feedback. 


You do not need your CaC to access the survey.  However, you will need to enter the DOD ID number on the back of your CAC.


Utility Expenses: For the utility expenses portion, gather your bills, receipts, and/or records of utility and recurring maintenance expenses incurred within the last 12 months and compute a MONTHLY AVERAGE for each of these expenses. In addition, there is a section of the survey for combined utilities when only one bill is received, such as a bill that combines cost for water and sewer.  Include cost for items such as include electricity, heating fuels, running water, bottle water, trash, maintenance, renter’s insurance, and taxes. (Examples attached)

Move-In Expense:  For the move-in portion, gather your receipts for all expenses incurred when initially moving into your residence.  Include costs such as appliance purchases, utility hook up costs, security items, transforms, and habitability costs (i.e. painting, shelves, and light fixtures.  (Examples attached)

Combined utility bills: If you receive a combined utility bill (such as, water and sewer on the same bill), there is no need to separate these costs as there is a section dedicated to combined utility bills.  Costs for

Currency:  Report all your expenses in the currency in which you paid them.  For example, if you paid your electricity bill in local currency, then report the amount you paid in local currency.  If you paid your electricity bill in U.S. dollars, then report the amount you paid in U.S. dollars.  Do not convert costs.  If converted with the incorrect rate of exchange, the amount reported may not reflect the true cost.

Additional Comments: Please enter any explanations that might help us better understand your expenses.   You may add any additional utility or recurring maintenance that you paid but was not included in the survey. Do not include your rental costs, as our office already receives this information from the finance offices.

For other costs not included in this survey, click here.